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Complete N00b Guidance [Jul. 9th, 2011|04:34 pm]
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Hi Everyone

Im here for a bit of help and guidance.  Today we got a big, 3yeard old male Bearded Dragon (We are in UK).  He has come to us very suddenly as his owner was getting negligent and couldnt afford to keep him anymore.  The former owner was themselves living in squalor so we took it upon ourselves to nab this animal before he suffered.

He seems to be in good health. He is alert and has no visible scab or cuts. He may be a little thin and I have been told his diet was crickets a few times a week because thats all the former owner could afford.  His vivarium seems big enough, its one of the biggest stocked in most pet stores here. 

We got him a few hours ago. My partner is out right now finding him sand as his enclosure stinks and badly needs a good clean.  Ive put water in his dish an also sprayed him (as we arent sure how he drinks).  We have locusts on the way for him but in the meantime ive fed him some cooked chicken, small piece of pear and a small few shreddings of lettuce. Since eating he is more active and seems desperate to get out and run around. There were crickets supplied but they are all dead, are these ok to feed him?

Oh and there is one light in the vivarium (there ar 2 light holders). Which is has been basking under on and off. What other light should we get? Its not a strip light holder BTW.

Can anyone tell me what else we can do for him?  We have cricket powder and veggie powder coming as well as the locusts.  Is there any veggies we can try him on that we can get in UK? (we dont have easy access to things like dandelion greens and acorn squash)  I have been trying to get foods from the website list below-


Ive named him Jeff for now while hubby is out getting more stuff.

Thanks for any advice!

Pics of Jeff-


[User Picture]From: froggbee
2013-01-05 09:24 am (UTC)
How did you make out with Jeff?

We are literally in the same situation as you - we just got Gobi at 3 years old because the owner didn't have a cent to her name... We adopted her kids for Christmas and when my husband was dropping off the gifts she was like 'Oh, hey, do you want this bearded dragon?". He had NO LIGHTS, no substrate of any kind.... just a bare glass 20gallon fish tank with a food dish and a water dish.
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