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A small request [Jul. 5th, 2011|05:02 pm]
Everything Bearded Dragons


Hello, my fellow bearded dragon lovers! I have a favor to ask of you. I have to write a "how-to" presentation for my Introduction to Communications class, and I've decided on the topic "How to Care for Bearded Dragons"

To that end, here's what I need from you guys: PICTURES! Your cutest pictures of your own beardie babies, at any age. I don't care how many you send, or how you send it; comment on this post, PM me for my email address, I don't care!

Also, if there are any points you think I should make in my presentation, please let me know. I'm going to be covering basic care (tank, lights, food, etc.), the substrate issue, financial cost, and background information on bearded dragons, in the wild and in captivity.

Here are some pictures of my own beardie boy, Sonny Lizard Marx:

He's an acrobatic lil goofball.