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Complete N00b Guidance [Jul. 9th, 2011|04:34 pm]
Everything Bearded Dragons

Any advice for a newly rescued Dragon?Collapse )
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A small request [Jul. 5th, 2011|05:02 pm]
Everything Bearded Dragons

Hello, my fellow bearded dragon lovers! I have a favor to ask of you. I have to write a "how-to" presentation for my Introduction to Communications class, and I've decided on the topic "How to Care for Bearded Dragons"

To that end, here's what I need from you guys: PICTURES! Your cutest pictures of your own beardie babies, at any age. I don't care how many you send, or how you send it; comment on this post, PM me for my email address, I don't care!

Also, if there are any points you think I should make in my presentation, please let me know. I'm going to be covering basic care (tank, lights, food, etc.), the substrate issue, financial cost, and background information on bearded dragons, in the wild and in captivity.

Here are some pictures of my own beardie boy, Sonny Lizard Marx:

He's an acrobatic lil goofball.
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Frustrated Beardie? [Jun. 12th, 2011|01:48 pm]
Everything Bearded Dragons

[Current Music |beardie headbutting a mirror...]

 GOD. I am almost out of my mind! Damien's been so...argh! lately. Ordinarily she's calm and docile and falls asleep in your lap. Ever since I brought her to a PetCo Beardie Meet 'n' Greet (I was the only one with a dragon besides the owner...), she's been frantic. Glass dancing 24/7, running ALL over the house, taking craps at coincidental times (she believes the world is her diaper), and being more aggressive than usual.

She also only wants her bok choy and refuses worms 9 out of 10 tries, which is usual for her. I powder her greens with calcium and vitamin supplement occassionally so she won't starve, but it's odd behavior considering she's just so active all of the sudden. I thought maybe she was going to lay some eggs because the dragon she met at the store was male and she was really curious about him (I didn't let them have any physical contact), but she doesn't really feel any bigger, and I feel no lumps, aaaand she's not been digging. Just frantic to get out of her cage and charge all over the house.

Can anyone explain this behav--yeah, she's head bobbing frantically at her own reflection right now. >___> Ugh. Any ideas why she's suddenly acting nuts? She's about 1 year + 2 months, give or take. I wonder if it's because she's mature now? Because this is her 2nd summer and she wasn't half as active as when she was a juvenile. She was about 2 months old when we got her in March. It's just very out of character for a docile lizard like herself.
(It's been going on for the past 2 weeks)
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Damien! [Jun. 3rd, 2011|10:03 pm]
Everything Bearded Dragons

 Hi guys! Hopefully there are still some people within this community. I'll keep it chugga-luggin' by posting my li'l baby's story!
Click here to read more! :3Collapse )
  PCollapse )iCollapse )cCollapse )tCollapse )ureCollapse )
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Need to rename my lizard [Apr. 24th, 2011|10:21 pm]
Everything Bearded Dragons

My ten-month-old beardie was named Sonja, after Red Sonja, under the assumption that she was a girl. However, as she's now ten months old, my boyfriend decided to lift up her tail and take a look. It seems that my lil miss is actually my lil boy. So now I have to rename him, since Sonja is definitely a girl's name.

Suggestions and ideas thus far:

Lizard Marx
Tyrion Lizardster

Do you have any other suggestions?

Pictures under the cut if you want a look at him!Collapse )
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Follow-up... [Apr. 11th, 2011|05:15 pm]
Everything Bearded Dragons

[Current Mood |moodyheartbroken]

Well, this is not the follow-up post I had hoped to write... I took Stella to Dr. Mertz, a.k.a. the Odd Pet Vet, in Weymouth MA. He took an x-ray right away, having felt the same lump in her stomach I had felt a month earlier that "Dr." O'Leary in Worcester dismissed as "I don't feel anything." Right away I knew it didn't look good, as his initial diagnosis was that it was likely a small tumor. We opted to do emergency surgery to remove it... but as soon as he was inside, he knew exactly what was happening -- she had a very advanced case of visceral gout. In case you guys don't know about this condition, you should. The causes are more or less unknown - he said it was likely just some bad genes - but once it's taken hold, it affects kidney function and sends urea crystals out into the body, which then latch onto the other internal organs... It's irreversible, and sadly...it's fatal.

The morning of the appointment, Stella had almost no body strength left and wasn't even able to move herself when she defecated. So when the doctor told me what was going on, and that even post-surgery she would likely not get any better than she was that morning, I made hands-down the hardest choice I've ever had to make... I had to let her go. I just could not stand the thought of her suffering any more - this condition can be very painful for beardies, and they have no way to show that to us...

I miss my little girl so much already. I know I made the right decision but that doesn't make it hurt any less.


For anyone out there in the greater Boston area - anyone in New England, really - please, PLEASE avoid the Worcester Cat & Bird Hospital at all costs. Dr. Mertz in Weymouth refuted a number of things that the Worcester vet had told me -- like, did you know that you can't tell if a beardie is dehydrated by pinching its skin and seeing if it 'snaps' back? Doesn't work on reptiles, he said. And, did you know that you can't really give a beardie an enema? Too hard to know which way you're heading (digestive, reproductive, etc.). So glad I paid to have that done in Worcester a month earlier. And he also said to avoid salty drinks like Gatorade to fight dehyrdation, because the saltiness of the drinks actually makes them counter-productive. And finally, he said that the maximum basking temperature for beardies should be 95 F, not the 110-115 you read about online all the time, and their cool side should be closer to 75 F. Sadly, none of this would have helped my poor Stella, but it was revelatory to hear him say these things.

Thank you all for your support over the last few years... if I ever get another beardie, I'll know where to turn.

R.I.P., Stella. <3

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HELP!! [Apr. 6th, 2011|06:37 pm]
Everything Bearded Dragons

[Current Location |Watertown, MA]
[Current Mood |stressedstressed]

I am putting out an urgent plea for advice and help with my 3+ year-old girl, Stella! She's not been herself over the past two months, and I know that it's more than seasonal... I took her to the exotic vet in Worcester, MA about a month ago, and she told me that Stella was severely dehydrated and a bit thin. She has barely been eating, and until the vet visit, was so lethargic that she didn't even perk up when a cricket was placed next to her. The vet gave her some boosters and put her on a 2x/day calcium regimen (via syringe) for the next two weeks -- and what a difference those things made! Suddenly she was chasing crickets left and right, interested in everything again... except drinking. I've never once seen her drink from water in her cage, only from the bath water.

Fast forward about two more weeks to today... she flatly rejected oranges (her favorite treat), crickets, collards, and didn't even drink the bathwater like she might normally do. She did poop in the bath though, but it was small and uninspired. And, when I put her back into her cage post-bath, she didn't even make an effort to support herself, just flomped onto the ground with a cricket and some orange bits right next to her.

I'm so scared I'm losing her. I've made another emergency appointment with the vet for tomorrow evening (the earliest I could find, and I tried Angell in Boston first) but I just don't know what else to do. I have to think a liquid diet would help, but I have no means to dispense it to her... Other than that, the temp is high enough, the humidity is right around 45%... What else can and should I be doing for her right now???

Thank you all.....

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Not about MY beardie [Mar. 7th, 2011|07:40 pm]
Everything Bearded Dragons

I went to Petsmart this evening, to buy some crickets for my bearded dragon, Sonja.

Obligatory picture video:

I like to look in all the animal cages as long as I'm there, especially at the rodents and at the bearded dragons. I've been concerned about their baby beardies, though -- they seem to be selling them smaller and smaller. In fact, tonight I'm pretty certain the baby beardie they had in the tank was at most five inches! I don't know, that seems really small to me. I'm not sure what to do.
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Shedding Time, Already [Feb. 6th, 2011|10:20 pm]
Everything Bearded Dragons

My darling boy, Valentine is shedding already. This particular brummation finds him sleeping not as much as last year. He also stayed up longer. Yesterday, he ate normal for the first time in months. Three weeks ago, he went to a picnic and had a ball with all the girls there. So, have you noticed your's having a shorter brummation? I was surprised that he started showing signs of shed a week ago, so I've been soaking him, despite all his protest. Usually, I just throw him in the shower and take him out five minutes later.
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Biting [Jan. 31st, 2011|01:48 pm]
Everything Bearded Dragons

[Current Location |livingroom]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]

 I'm pretty new to the community. I had a question, I tried to google it and never got far. Today and yesterday my beardie Digit started to randomly bite his climbing branch. Its a treated peice of driftwood from Petco. We feed him crickets and his greens so It's not like hes starving. I'm just worried about If a piece would come off and him swallow it or hurt his jaw. Any suggestions would be great.

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